Rocky Reef Retreat

Sold January 12, 2024

Dear Friends and Guests,

Daryl and I want to thank you for being such a wonderful part of our memories of The Rocky Reef Retreat. We sold the property on January 12. 2024. This was not an easy decision, but time goes by and life changes. We bought the property in September of 1998. Some of you have been staying as guests almost as long as we have owned it.

We have wonderful memories of our time spent at the property. We have also enjoyed all the stories and photos that we have received over the years of your vacations and fishing trips.  Whether it’s enjoying the campfire, a summer’s night on the screen porch or watching the beautiful sunrise, we hope you cherish the memories as much as we do.

Thank you so much to all of you for being such wonderful guests. In the 25 years of hosting, everyone has taken good care of the property. We never had any major problems because of hosting, and we truly appreciate that.

Many of you have become friends. Please keep in touch and stop by for a visit when you are in the area. Some of you are continuing to stay with us at our Turtle Shore Cabin. We are thrilled to keep hosting you. If you have moved on, we wish you the best and don’t hesitate to say hi.

Thank you all for 25 wonderful years.

Stephanie and Daryl